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Zipp Sl Speed Carbon Seatpost
$$199.99  $$250.00

Masi Evoluzion 105
$$1,499.00  $$1,999.00

Fuji Aloha 2.0 Great Deal!
$1399.99  $1699.99

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Shop location:
25 Bridge St, Lowell
MA 01852

About Atlas Sports

The Open sign was first hung in our window back in 1989, when Fotios “Frank” Piskopanis (a.k.a. Baba, the old man) opened up the original Atlas Sporting Goods location in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. A former professional soccer player and national track and field champion, Frank’s love of sports and the physical and mental challenge of competition naturally led him to the sporting goods business.

To Frank’s surprise, an unexpected twist of fate in the early years would change the course of his business. It turned out that his new storefront was previously home to a bicycle shop, and as a result, customers often came to Atlas for bicycles and repairs. In order to accommodate all the incoming requests, we soon became a bicycle/sporting goods shop. We still cannot apologize enough to our first bicycle repair customer – it took us a long time to get that very first repair working right all those years ago!

Since then, a lot has changed. As the business grew, Frank moved Atlas to our current location in Lowell, and today 95% of our business is bicycles and bicycle repairs. You’ll still see some sports equipment in our shop, as we continue to service the local sports teams and school sports programs we’ve built relationships with over the years, but the fact is that bicycles – cycling, and the bicycle industry and lifestyle – have been our passion for the past 24 years. In fact, you may find other items in our shop with wheels that we sell and service too. You’ll also find three generations of bike mechanics in our shop – granted the latest generation is still putting the tools in their mouths, but they should grow out of that in time (we hope!). We pride ourselves on unmatched experience in service and repair of all types of bicycles – from carbon race machines and dual suspension trail bikes to vintage French and Italian works of art.

Come into the shop and meet Frank and his wife Maria – they are always there and keep the light on and doors open 7 days a week. You’re likely to find at least one of their three sons and a grandchild or two at the shop when you visit. If you happen to stop by when all three of their sons are working, get ready for laughs as they are constantly having fun and keep things interesting.