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Trainers & Rollers

Enjoy riding your bike, great do it year round on a trainer or roller! Sometimes that is not feasible unless you ride inside. Riding outside during the winter is possible, and it can be lots of fun, but sometimes you just want to ride inside and avoid the hassle.

If that’s the case… have no fear! There are two popular options for indoor cycling – the stationary trainer, and rollers. We have a wide selection of top brands below are some of our top sellers.

Stationary Trainer

A stationary trainer is a device that attaches to your bicycle’s rear wheel. It holds the bike upright with the rear wheel off the ground, allowing you to ride in place.The rear wheel is clamped against a roller to provide traction, and there is also a resistance unit attached to the roller, so you can train against heavy resistance levels if you wish.


Rollers are a cross between a treadmill and a log rolling contest for your bike. Rollers consist of three drums held in a frame. Two drums go under your rear wheel and one under the front wheel, and there is a band connecting them so that your front wheel spins, too.As you ride, the wheels spin the drums, and you effectively ride like usual, but you stay in one spot.

Cycle Ops Jet Fluid Pro & Fluid 2 Trainer

  • Trainer is a great way to keep your legs in tip-top condition during the off season
  • New larger flywheel delivers twice the inertia for a road-like feel
  • Power band technology offers a wide resistance range
  • Infinite resistance curve ensures increased wattage as you increase speed
  • Self-cooling mechanisms keep the unit performing better, longer

Elite Ritmo Power Fluid Trainer

  • Hydrodynamic progressive fluid resistance trainer compatible with 700c and 26" bikes
  • Features the Ritmo or "Dancing" feet that simulate real world riding. Ritmo feet have adjustable tension to customize the ride feel for each rider
  • Fast Fixing mount system offers security and quick bike set-up
  • Oversized ElastoGel roller reduces noise and tire wear
  • Self adjusting tire-to-roller via spring pressure
  • Large fluid housing fins dissipate heat
  • Folds flat for easy storage, wide steel frame with rubber feet

Elite Arion Rollers

  • Rollers optimize training by promoting balance and spin technique
  • Parabolic roller shape makes it more difficult to ride off the sides
  • Light, ultra-strong frame with built in step for easy rider mount and dismount
  • Folds for compact storage